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Autism & Beyond is a study of young children's mental health that seeks to better understand and identify risks for development.

About the Study

Autism & Beyond is a groundbreaking new study of childhood mental health powered by Apple’s ResearchKit. The study aims to test new video technology that can analyze a child’s emotion and behavior. We hope that this technology may one day be used to screen young children in their homes for autism and mental health challenges, such as anxiety or tantrums. 

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About the App

This study is designed for children who are at least 1 year old and not yet 6 years old. The study has two types of activities:

  1. Video Activities

    Your child will watch four short videos while the iPhone camera records your child's responses.

  2. Surveys

    You will be asked to complete short surveys about your child and yourself.

What We Record

Facial Expression Recognition with Video

How it Works

Your child will watch four very short videos. The camera in the iPhone will record your child’s reactions to the videos. We automatically locate key features of the child’s face so that we can measure emotions and head position.

Facial Expression Recognition just Features

Share What You’re Comfortable With

You can decide to upload the whole recording or just the face features. We appreciate full recordings for more informative study information, but what you share is up to you.

Our Team

We are a team of child psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, engineers and computer scientists at Duke University. We work together to create new ways to support parents and young children's healthy development.

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